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We know the importance of getting the best dental bridges so you can live a beautiful life! The smile is your most valuable accessory! That’s why we are your experts to get you on the road to great dental health. Keep reading for more information about the best University Square dentist!


What are Bridges?

In the first place, a dental bridge literally “bridges” the gap between two or more missing teeth. The bridge is composed of crowns in order to fill the void in your mouth. The greatest benefit of bridges is the best solution to fix broken or missing teeth!



Moreover, there are many benefits associated with receiving dental bridges. These include:


Types of Bridges

Furthermore, there are three types of dental bridges:


  • for missing teeth on both sides
  • porcelain fused with metal material
  • the most popular type

Maryland Bond


  • teeth only on one side
  • not commonly created


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Are You in Need of a University Square Dentist?

All in all, we know the importance of getting the best solution to fix missing teeth! As your leading specialists, we ensure that your dental health is our top priority. Granting you with a beautiful smile is our specialty where we treat any case! Contact us today to get started with an appointment!

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