Improve Quality of Life

It’s never too late to visit the dentist. Everyday we have patients that do not understand the basics of proper oral health. We happily, and unabashedly, teach our patients how to brush their teeth, how to floss and how to maintain their oral health. A healthy mouth is critical for your mental health, social health and overall physical health.

Mental Health

How often do you think of your oral health? Do you worry about the condition or color of your teeth? Do you wonder if your taking care of your teeth enough? 

You use your mouth all day everyday. Poor oral health can lead to negative thoughts about how you care for yourself. By evaluating how your care for your gums, teeth and tongue can help you improve your mental health and how you think about yourself. 

Social Health

Bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay can impact your conversations with other people. If you don’t care for your mouth, you may find yourself avoiding up-close interactions with other people. Time spent with family and friends are often intimate and can be effected when you don’t care for your mouth.

Overall Health

Your saliva can tell a lot about your overall health. An unhealthy mouth can be directly related to your diet and how you care for your body. It’s true that by simply improving your oral hygiene habits won’t improve your six pack, but understanding how your diet effects your teeth and saliva could help you transform the health of your entire body. 

Two great example of how your oral health effects your overall health are tobacco and soft drinks. It’s a fact that tobacco and soft drinks promote tooth decay and staining. Tobacco and soft drinks also cause disease throughout your body. By paying attention to the health of your teeth and gums, you can improve the health of your entire body.