Implant Dentist in Tampa FL | Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

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We know the importance of ensuring great oral health! That’s why we are your experts for preventing cavities. The best way to go about preventing cavities is with fluoride treatments! Keep reading to learn more about your local implant dentist in Tampa FL!


What is Fluoride?

In the first place, fluoride is a natural mineral that is known to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride also strengthens tooth enamel—a central ingredient found in toothpaste!

Adding on, fluoride treatments are a protective coating to prevent cavities from developing.



Moreover, there are great benefits associated with fluoride treatments:

  • Plaque-resistance
  • Reduced sugar build-up
  • Slows acid erosion

Also, this treatment is common among children where their teeth are prone to cavities. However, adults have begun this treatment over recent years to secure their dental future.  


The Process

Furthermore, we will take an examination of your mouth and teeth. Then, our hygienist will apply a fluoride varnish to your teeth. Then, it will be rinsed with a mouthwash to ensure that the varnish maintains the treatment in full.   

Plus, we highly recommend that you return for a fluoride treatment every 6-months!


who can help me with an implant dentist in tampa fl?

Are You Looking for an Implant Dentist in Tampa FL?

Last but not least, it is important to us that you are given the best overall quality concerning your oral health. That’s why we are your leading experts in performing fluoride treatments for patients young or old! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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