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who is the best cosmetic dentist in tampa fl for teeth whitening?


Did you know that nothing you wear is more important than your smile? At Dr. Jim Dental, we have the best teeth whitening services to make sure that your pearly whites are taken care of! Read below to learn more about your cosmetic dentist in Tampa FL!


Causes of Teeth Staining

First things first, teeth stains are caused by various day-to-day factors. These include teeth grinding, trauma, age, food, and drinks. It has been shown that age is linked to teeth staining. This is because natural wear and tear will cause individuals to have a yellow cast on their teeth.


Types of Stains

In addition, there are two different forms of teeth stains:

  • Intrinsic

-appears on the inside of teeth

-the result of aging, trauma, and excess fluoride


  • Extrinsic

-appears on the surface of teeth

-the result of natural wear and tear and consumption of dark-colored beverages


If extrinsic stains are not dealt with earlier, the stain can become embedded within the tooth itself.



What We Do

Furthermore, we utilize the latest in dental technology to give you a whiter smile. Our specialists use the Philips Zoom whitening system to treat your teeth. In fact, this in-house whitening treatment is so effective you will see results after 45 minutes!


where can i find he best cosmetic dentist in tampa fl for teeth whitening?


Contact Your Best Cosmetic Dentist in Tampa FL Today!

Lastly, we know how essential your smile is to you. Also, your teeth are our priority by giving you a whiter smile in quality time. Contact us today to make an appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Tampa FL!

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